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Our Fact-Based Strategy

Our core beliefs about the market are the foundation of our portfolios. Our analysis concentrates on using mathematics instead of predictions or opinions to identify current market trends and the best performing options available to you.

We use Simple Trend and Rank (STAR) portfolio construction that evaluates risk and positions quarterly. This investment model has been awarded the DALBAR Validation certificate, providing an important level of security and compliance to your retirement account strategy.

3 Core Beliefs About Investing

Core Belief 1

We don't know where the market will go - and neither does anyone else.

Rather than predicting the future, we simply monitor the present.

Core Belief 2

Stock and bond markets constantly display identifiable trends.

And sometimes it's prudent to minimize your exposure to losses.

Using our DALBAR Validated portfolio strategies we decrease risk when risk of loss is high, and increase risk when risk is low.

Each portfolio offers a range of the minimum and maximum amount of stock-based holdings for that portfolio. At the start of each quarter, stocks are assigned the maximum allocation for the quarter if they are in an uptrend. We will suggest the minimum

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Core Belief 3

Along the way there will be outperformers and underperformers.

Each of the specific investment alternatives available within each 401k plan (except for company stock) will be monitored weekly and ranked against each other. Within your tested and specified risk tolerance, quarterly we will recommend the best performing specific investments for you to utilize in your ActivePortfolio.

Historical Performance of Our Models