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Building lasting relationships and bridging gaps.

Combining the High Touch of a personal financial advisor with innovative High Tech.

Our History

Active401k® is the result of over 30 years of One-On-One personal financial planning and wealth management. Q3 Advisors, LLC was founded by a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with over three decades of in the trenches experience operating an RIA as an independent advisor. Today, our team of professionals are focused on helping even more people get the help they need through providing advisors the technology to offer even greater value. Active401k® is all we do and the only service we provide at Q3 Advisors, LLC.

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Our Story

The Challenge

The statistics are overwhelming how few of the tens of millions of defined contribution plan participants actually make changes in their investments for risk or market conditions. Often it’s because they don’t have someone to help them and there hasn’t been a time and operationally efficient means for advisors to continually monitor and connect with those assets.

10X growth. After 25 years of traditional approaches that was the result in just 6 years. Helping more people more efficiently with one of the largest ignored aspects of prospect or client relationships.

The Solution

Years of significant investment and platform development resulted in an innovative technology approach, an efficient means to that missing piece, of a well-rounded approach to client support, acquisition and retention. Undecided prospects moved into new client status, the footprint with existing clients was expanded, 2nd generation relationships became part of the puzzle and low-risk referral generation became the norm.

Having proven first-hand the success of this platform, our purpose is helping advisors across the country provide clients the valuable customized guidance they want and need, but without keeping the efficient ability to do so to ourselves. We assist advisors in growing their businesses, helping turn prospects into clients and creating a pipeline of new relationships…..just like we did.