You want to grow your business.

Participants want and need help.

We have the solution!

Reduce participant confusion with what, when, and how much to invest.

The Active401k® technology solution gives you the ability to deliver proactive and customized non-discretionary investment guidance.

How can Active401k® help your business?

Retirement Plan Advisors

  • Engage every participant with a personalized service.
  • Proactive participant guidance & education
  • Opens the door to new plans.
  • Additional fee income.

3(38), 3(21) or Record Keeper

  • Turn-key, simple implementation.
  • Innovative, individual participant guidance.
  • More value for plan advisors, plan sponsors and participants.
  • New income streams.

Financial Planner or Wealth Manager

  • Help more clients in less time.
  • Simply convert prospects to clients.
  • Build an AUM pipeline.
  • Increase your fee based income.

Three Reasons to Get Started Now!

Provide a valuable new service to existing clients, prospects, and plan participants.
Offer a simple way for prospects and referrals to begin a relationship with your firm, and
Begin generating revenue! Charge monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription fees to clients. Plan advisors have additional flexibility!

A Simple & Intuitive Marketing System

  • You Retain the Client, We do the Allocation Legwork
  • Thousands of Existing Company 401k Plans
  • Intuitive Client Dashboard
  • Instant Mobile Alerts
  • Simple Onboarding Process

Peace of mind with our
DALBAR Validated portfolio models.

Our core beliefs about the market are the foundation of our ActivePortfolios. Our analysis concentrates on using mathematics instead of predictions or opinions to identify current market trends and the best performing options available to you.

We use Simple Trend and Rank (STAR) portfolio construction that evaluates risk and positions quarterly. This investment model has been awarded the DALBAR Validation certificate, providing an important level of security and compliance to your retirement account strategy.

Dalbar Validated

Income & AUM Calculator

How much additional income and AUM can you generate?

Per Year
  • +$2 Monthly Per Participant
How many clients or prospects do you have with 401k, 457, or 403b accounts?
How much would you charge per month?
How many participants do you have in plans you advise?
How much would you charge per participant per year?

You could be making:

More Importantly, you could have a future AUM pipeline of:

*Based on Active401k®'s average stated account value. Includes monthly base rate subscription and participant fees.
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Still Not Sure? Consider This:

How much money do you think your existing clients have in their 401k, 457, or 403b accounts that you currently don't have access to?
What are you currently doing to help them manage those accounts and to firmly position YOU as the 'go-to' adviser?
What other form of marketing have you ever done that can achieve nearly 100% success?
How succesful has your other marketing efforts been at increasing AUM?
What low-barrier to entry service can you currently offer prospects/clients without a full financial consultation?
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