Retirement Income Calculator

Your monthly income in retirement will be hugely important. When you combine the income capability of your 401k and retirement savings with pensions and/or Social Security, you’ll be able to know what your spending plan for retirement can be.

When you develop a plan for knowing what your monthly income will be, it will allow you to create a retirement budget and save more effectively. ‘Plan to Win’ and you’ll be in more control of your future.

Use this calculator to get an idea of what’s possible. And as always, consult with your financial advisor for specific application and ideas for your personal situation.

Your Monthly Income

  • Enter your current information to see your progress.
  • Change the rate of returns slider to see the effect on your future possible income from your savings balances.
  • Change the tax rates sliders to see how much or little taxes effect your retirement.
  • Move the inflation slider up and down to a level believe is accurate for the future.
  • Click "View Report" then print a copy and send it to your advisor for a game plan.

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